Terms and Conditions of Instant Positive Attitude Affiliate Program

  1. Do not quote any specific prices or figures in your link or URL, as we reserve the right to change the price of the e-book without notice.

  2. You may use your affiliate link on any of your web pages or sites. However, pornographic sites, sites encouraging hatred or violence, and sites that encourage or promote illegal activity may not link to us.

  3. Do not use unsolicited bulk e-mail (known as "spam) or opt-in bulk e-mail or bulk newsgroup/bulletin board postings to promote your link. Affiliates who do so will be removed from the program immediately.

  4. ClickBank handles the sale of "Instant Positive Attitude" and payment to affiliates. You may track your sales and commissions from their site at www.clickbank.com

  5. We reserve the right to remove any affiliate member from this program at any time. You may also leave this affiliate program at any time, simply by removing the affiliate link from your site. If you choose to leave, you will also have to remove yourself from the above mailing list. Instructions on how to do so are contained in each e-mail we send out.

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